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Livestock Scale Kit for Cattle Hogs Sheep Goats Pigs Squeeze Chutes Pallet scale
Ear Mite Killer w/ Aloe, 6 oz
VetRx Poultry Remedy, 2 oz
PROHIBIT Oral Dewormer Water Soluable Drench Powder Sheep Cattle 52gm Packet
UltraCruz Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%, 1 gallon
Thermaflex Liniment Gel, 12 oz
NGO introduces bamboo charcoal technologies in Ghana
Accra, July 24, GNA – The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), is promoting bamboo charcoal technologies in Ghana, which have the potential to jump-start the country’s bio-energy sector and generate and sustain the charcoal business.
AEM Represents Member Companies at green jobs summit.
June 25, 2009 - At the invitation-only Senate Democratic Green Jobs Summit held June 17, 2009, Dennis Slater, president of AEM, participated in panel discussions with senators, administration officials, and business leaders on creating jobs in a "green ...
AMY BURGESS: Agriculture big business in state, county
Did you know last year’s total output and employment impacts of agriculture, forestry and related industries in Alabama were $70.4 billion and 580,295 jobs? The agriculture and forestry industries consist of crop, livestock, timber and fisheries ...
Maine farmers offer peek behind barn doors
FREEPORT - Barn doors were flung open, fresh produce samples arranged on trays and farm equipment rolled out as dozens ... event organized by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to highlight what Maine farmers do.
Fertiliser company to open Fiji facility
Samoa-based Soil Health Pacific Ltd will invest around AUD 60,000 for the new facility and equipment. The company is working with its business partner ... the primary industries of agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and livestock. Currently, 28 enterprises ...
1000lb Livestock Scale Kit for Hogs Goats Sheep Alpacas Pigs & Platform scales
UltraCruz Mineral Oil Light Supplement for Horses, Livestock and Dogs, 1 gallon
Bigeloil Liquid Gel, 14 oz
Vitamins & Electrolyte Plus, 4 oz packet
Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer, 8 lb
Livestock Scale Kit Cattle Hogs Squeeze Chute kit, 5klbPriefert,Tarter,RuralKing
Mineral Oil Light, gal
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats, 30 cc
CORID POWDER 20% Amprolium Water-soluble Coccidiosis Prevention Beef Dairy 10oz
Livestock Vet scale Hog Scale, Dog Scale Sheep scale Goat Scale scale Pig Scale
Tylan 50 100ml Beef Cattle Dairy Cattle Swine Injectable Antibiotic Elanco
J-Jelly, gal
Merck Safe-Guard Medicated Dewormer: Multi-Species
Water Reserve System 3030 for GQF Cabinet Incubators 5 Gallon Water Reserve tank
Super 14 Healthy Skin and Coat Supplement, 3lb
Wound-Kote Lotion Spray Wound Dressing, 5oz
Blu-Kote, dauber, 4 oz
Bute-Less Pellets, 80 ds, 5 lb
Excalibur Sheath & Udder Cleaner, 16 oz
Ichthammol 20%, 16 oz
AA Pro: Calf Puller Veterinary Instruments A+ Quality
CyLence Pour-On Insecticide, 1 pt
J LUBE POWDER Mixes with Water One Bottle Makes 6-8 Gallons of Lubricant 10 oz.
Chlorhexidine Solution, 1 gal
Python Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag, 20/pk
Venice Turpentine, 16 oz
Liquid 747, gal
Heavy Duty Hog Catcher Snare Nickle Plated Steel Rod 1/4" Aircraft Cable
Mane 'n Tail Shampoo, 12 oz
HD Elastrator Tool Castrate Dock Tail Cattle Sheep Goat
Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel, 3 oz
MalAcetic Wet Wipes, 100 ct
Stone Tattoo Ink Black 3 oz Jar *Easy to work with* Superior Quality Animal Use
Incubator Genesis Hova-Bator 1588 GQF Tabletop Incubator - Classrooms & Lab Use
Via-calm, 2 lb
Tempo SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate, 32 ml
Cydectin wormer cows goats sheep 500 ml (current expiration April, 2019)
AA Pro: Champion Calf Puller Ratchet Delivery Cattle Birthing
Tylan 50 100ml Beef Cattle Dairy Cattle Swine Injectable Antibiotic Elanco
Dac bloom, 5 lb
Cydectin wormer cows goats sheep 250 ml / cc (current experation April, 2019
Mane 'n Tail Detangler, 16 oz
GALLOMIN - 500 Tablets -
Livestock Scale Kit Cattle Hogs Squeeze Chute kit,10klbPriefert,Tarter,RuralKing
Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer, 4 lb
CASTRATION BANDS Rubber Rings for Castration Docking Sheep Goats Calves 100ct
NEW WL Lenk Model L125CD Calf Dehorner Power Cord 4-1/2 ft.
Durasole Sole Hardener, 4 oz
2200 lb capacity Livestock Hog Goat Sheep Pig Scale with cage
Small Tattoo Plier Kit 5/16" with 0-9 & A-Z / Farm Animal / Livestock /
Biozide Gel, 20 oz
Paylean 15lb
Elastrator Plastic Castration Tail Docking Dogs Livestock + 100 Bands Veterinary
2200 lb capacity Livestock Cattle Hog Goat Sheep Alpaca Pig Farm Scale
GALLOMIN - 100 Tablets - Bundle of 6 Bottles
OB Lube, gal
Foot Rot & Ringworm Spray, 32 oz
Mane 'n Tail Conditioner, 12 oz
ProBios Probiotic Powder for Ruminants and Other Animals 240g Powder
Brooder GQF 0534 Universal Heated Box Brooder Chicks Chickens - Made in the USA!
J-Lube Powder Lubricant Original Veterinarian Hand Lube 10 oz USA Authentic
Amprol 128 Amprolium(Ampromed) 20% Soluble Powder Coccidiosis 10oz Treats 128gal
Pine Tar, 32 oz
Bigeloil, 16 oz
Pet Piller
Tattoo Pliers Kit Small/Marking Pliers/Farm/Livestock/Animal Identification
Ear Tag Remover
Slick n' Easy Horse Grooming Block
Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo, 32 oz
Vetericyn Plus Livestock Line Pink Eye Spray - 16 fl. oz. EXP: 07/2018+
Livestock Scale kit Floor Scale load cell Kit 5000lbs,Squeeze Chute Pallet scale
1300lb Livestock Scale Kit for Hogs Goats Sheep Alpacas Pigs & Platform scales
Castrating Rings 100pcs strong Bands Use For Lambs Calves Goats & Other Animals
Balling Guns, Plastic for calves
Castrator Burdizzo 9" For Lamb & Goat Emasculator
Wonder dust Wound Powder, 4 oz
RHINEHART DEHORNER X50 SMALL 3/8" Adaptor Tip Debud Sheep Goats Pygmy Horns
Veterinary Scale 330lb x 0.1lb Tree LC-VS 330 Livestock Floor Animal Pet Vet
Thermaflex Liniment Solution, 16 oz
Poultry Nutri-Drench, 4oz
Zip Bandit Cattle Castration Bander, No Tool Needed Band. 10 Castrating Bands.
Livestock Scale Kit STAINLESS Cattle Hogs Squeeze Chute,Priefert TarterRuralKing
REFURBISHED Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipper Oster Sunbeam Horse Cow Goat GOOD
Cydectin pour on (current expiration date April, 2019)
Hydra Honeycomb Form Tack Sponges, each
50 Pack Catheter Tip Syringe 60ML- Easy Glide-Sterile NEW Syringe Only No Needle
Small Tattoo Plier Kit 5/16" with ear release/ Livestock
Livestock Vet scale Veterinary Scale Hog Scale, Sheep Scale and Goat Scale
KMR Kitten Milk Replacer, 8 oz liquid
UltraCruz Gloves, Nitrile Plus, Small, Pack
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Vet pans live export practices
A veterinarian who spent more than a decade working on live export ships has accused her former employers of putting profits ahead of animal health in the latest ... for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for the past eight months ...
Vet questions new Johne's test
But it has been approved for use on herds and flocks by the Animal Health Committee, a group of senior Australian and New Zealand veterinarians and biosecurity ... A Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries spokeswoman said there was no need ...
Business Honors for Feb. 17
Agriculture and Forestry ... of Veterinary Medicine. Tully, a 1986 graduate, is professor of veterinary clinical sciences at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. The vet school said Tully has developed one of the foremost programs in exotic animal ...
Business news: UC Davis opens $58.5 million veterinary research facility
DAVIS — The University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine is celebrating a new $58.5 million research facility, dedicated to making discoveries in basic science as well as human, animal and environmental health. The new building will ...
Bark Haba
A rabies outbreak in Israel in 2011 caused the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to prohibit the import ... Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Veterinary Services and Animal Health and the current declaration by Israel to the ...
Livestock owners encouraged to watch for rabies symptoms
NORMAN — The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry cautions ... State Veterinarian Rod Hall, D.V.M., said. Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. According to the Centers ...